The incredibly handy notes app – available now in the Microsoft Store

The Windows Notes app that sits on the edge of your screen – slides out when you need it and slides away when you don’t.

Why do I need EdgeNotes ?

Have you ever found yourself working on your laptop and wanting to make a quick note – you can’t find a pen and paper so you open MS Notepad, or perhaps you have a screen covered in sticky notes – if so then EdgeNotes might just be what you’ve been waiting for.

What is behind the EdgeNotes design ?

We designed EdgeNotes to take up the minimum amount of screen space whilst still being comfortable to use – EdgeNotes is at its most useful when it is working alongside other apps – perhaps you are copying from a website, or you are filling in a form using notes you made earlier, perhaps you are on the phone, looking at an on-screen document, capturing feedback or reminders – in these scenarios you do not want your note app taking over your screen and it would be more convenient to not have to ‘Alt-Tab’ between windows.

EdgeNotes sits at the edge of the screen (either side) and if you need your full screen then it will slide out of the way, ready to slide back when you need it again.

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  1. Bobby

    I have notepad txt files all over my desktop – I think this is just what I need – gonna give it a try.

  2. admin

    That’s good to hear Bobby – I hope you like it.
    Don’t forget to use the free 7 day trial 🙂

  3. Stephen

    Great handy app

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