Frequently Asked Questions

Are my files or data sent anywhere?

Not at all. Your files and data are saved to your default user documents folder or other location that you define on the settings page.

Does EdgeNotes collect any user data?

No, EdgeNotes does not have this capability.

Why is there no Save button?

Notes are saved as they are created (be careful overwriting and deleting).

Why is there no Delete button?

To delete a note simply open it and delete the contents – empty notes are automatically deleted. When you return to the List View you will see it has been removed.

How do I change the name of a note?

The List View uses the first line of each note as a title – to change the title of a note edit the top line of the note.

Can I bring EdgeNotes to the top when it is covered by other apps?

Yes, just click the EdgeNotes icon in the Windows Taskbar (usually at the bottom of the screen). This will bring EdgeNotes to the foreground – move your mouse to the screen edge as usual and it will pop out (you do not need to minimise your other apps.