EdgeNotes User Guide

Create a New Note

From the List View (when you first run EdgeNotes the list will be empty), click the ‘plus’ icon and a new note will open, start typing to create your note.

Return to the Note List view and you will see you note listed, click it to reopen it.

See ‘Palette Bar’ to find out how to style your note.

Using the Palette Bar

Click the palette icon to open the Palette Bar.

From the Palette Bar you can change the text style:

  • text size +/- and default
  • underline, bold, italic, strikethrough, plain (remove any of the previous styles)
  • align left, centre, right
  • text colour: teal green, black, red, blue, grey
  • copy / paste selected text
Lock Notes from Editing

Click the padlock icon to lock a Note.

The lock function works by locking the edit controls – the file itself is not locked. The lock remains active until click off, so the next note you open will also be locked.

The lock will be released if you click the Palette Icon and if you create a new note.

Switching between Slide & Stay

Click the arrow icon to make EdgeNotes Stay out rather than Slide back to the edge.

This is handy if you want to reference your note, or keep adding to it.

Can be combined with the Sink/Float feature.

Switching between Sink & Float

Click the two-page icon to make EdgeNotes Float above other windows or sink below them.

Handy for taking notes from or referencing when interacting with other windows.

Can be combined with the Slide/Stay feature.

Access the System Menu

Click the cog icon to open the system menu.

From here you can access Settings, About and exit.

Click the cog to close the menu or navigate away.

Change the Notes Storage Location

From the Settings page, click the Change button – you will be prompted through the process.

You will be asked if you want to move any notes you already have.

If duplicate files (filenames) are found you will be asked if you want to overwrite those in the target location, or copy them to new files (with different file names).

Change the Default Font Sizes

From the Settings page:

Notes Font – effective for new notes, including one already started if open at the time the change is made. Existing notes are not affected.

List Font – changes the size of the text used to display the list of notes.

Move EdgeNotes to the Other Side of the Screen

EdgeNotes is happy on the right or left edge of the screen.

From the Settings page click Left or Right.

The change is immediate so you can test it out and revert if you prefer.

Adjust Hover Hints

The little tips and hints that pop-up when you hover you mouse over a button or feature can be turned off if you prefer.

If you find them useful then you can adjust the delay to one of three presetts.

Try them out and select your preference from the Settings page.

Resize the EdgeNotes Window

Move your mouse to the top left (top right if EdgeNotes is on the left of the screen), and a red bar will appear.

Click the red bar and drag the EdgeNotes window to adjust its width.